Manufacturers, Services

E. H. Roth - Violin instrument family.

Collings, Martin, Yamaha, Cort - Guitar manufacturers.

Collings, Muth - Mandolin manufacturers.

Deering, Gold Tone - Banjo manufacturers.

Planet Music School - Edmonton-based musical instruction led by Clinton Pelletier.

Community Music InitiativesQuality private instruction in piano, voice, violin and guitar for all communities and rural areas of the Greater Edmonton Region.

Heritage Insurance Services - Instrument insurance.



Calvin Vollrath - Phenomenal player reshaping Canadian old-time fiddling ... and a great guy.

John Calverley - Violin instructor, composer, session player, and a phenomenal musician in many genres.

Woodsongs - Audio and video archive of amazing artists.


Music Clubs and Events

Full Moon Folk Club

Edmonton Folk Music Festival

Northern Bluegrass Circle Music Society

Blueberry Bluegrass and Country Music Festival

Northern Lights Folk Club

Nimblefingers Bluegrass and Old Time Music Workshop



Vintage Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Banjo Newsletter

The Strad

Fiddler Magazine

Mandolin Magazine