Our Staff

As the old saying goes, "a store is only as good as itís staff". Okay, it may not be an old saying, but it certainly applies here at Myhre’s Music. With an exceptional line of musical instruments and products, the Myhre’s Music staff offers countless years of experience to gently guide you through your musical choices. But aside from experience, knowledge and talent, our staff members pride themselves on forming the Myhre’s Music family and giving the store its warm and friendly personality.

When you spend time in our store, you’ll be greeted with an invitation to get to know our staff as you satisfy your musical desires.


Byron Myhre

Byron Myhre The youngest son of Alfie and Lydia Myhre, Byron has grown up in the family business. His appearance at the store started at age seven where he could often be seen helping customers. Byron has since competed on a national level in fiddle competitions and was ranked 3rd in the Grand Masters National Fiddle contest in Ottawa. Aside from running the store, Byron is an active musician both on stage and in the studio. He was a member of the well-known bluegrass band "Jerusalem Ridge". All this while raising a beautiful family of four kids (Haley, Tanner, Ethan and Brooke) with his wife Kim.

Alfie Myhre

Alfie Myhre Co-founder of Myhre’s Music (1967), Alfie’s knowledge and expertise has earned him a widespread reputation for his restoration and repair of bowed instruments. For over 50 years Alfie has been an active member of the music community, playing locally and abroad as far away as Japan and Germany. These days you can catch Alfie performing with the Alberta Legends of Country Music. He has also been featured as guest artist at numerous music competitions and workshops throughout the country. Along with wife Lydia, Alfie nurtured the store through its early years into the well-established business today that continues to support an ever-growing community of devout musicians.

Lydia Myhre

Lydia Myhre Married to Alfie and mother of Byron, Lydia Myhre has most certainly been the "Mother figure" of the store, always sharing her abundant love and kindness with staff members and customers. While not as active in the store these days, her nature can always be felt in the warm and friendly atmosphere of the store.

George Bach

George Bach George has been a member of the Myhre’s Music family since 1973. He offers almost 40 years of experience repairing, restoring and setting up instruments. While a quiet-natured man, his charming wit will deliver you a healthy laugh just when you least expect it. George is an accomplished tenor banjo player and has performed professionally for over 30 years with "The Banjo Busters".

Thomas Slaymaker

Thomas Slaymaker Thomas Slaymaker brings a wealth of musical expertise to Myhre’s Music sales and repair team. He is a songwriter, performer and long time instructor at the Foothills Acoustic Music Institute. In addition to his gentle nature, Thomas has first class knowledge of acoustic instruments.

Bob Potoniec

Bob Potoniec Bob Potoniec has great knowledge of violins, mandolins and guitars. He offers his experience and endless knowledge on all things stringed! Bob’s enthusiasm is contagious!

Catherine Robertson

Graduate of Newark School of Violin Making in England specializing in restoration and repair of all bowed instruments. Nearly 20 years in the music industry, Catherine has built a reputation not only as a skilled luthier in bowed instruments, but fretted instrument repair as well, being Taylor and Fender certified.