Our Customers

At Myhre’s Music we pride ourselves on having served local and regional customers for almost 50 years. And sure we’re running a business, but the store has become a way of life for our staff and we see our customers more as an ever growing community of friends.

Here’s what some of our friends have to say about our store:

Broddy Olson Violinist, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

"Alfie did a wonderful job on my bow."

John Reischman Mandolin

"I invited Byron Myhre (fiddle) to join my band on a European tour. Knowledge, experience and kindness are clearly evident."

Calvin Vollrath Canadian fiddle sensation

"Throughout my 40 year career as a fiddle player, Myhre’s Music has remained a music store that reflects my own commitment to family, trust and professionalism. That’s where I bought my fiddle."

Craig Korth Banjo, Jerusalem Ridge

"My association with Myhre’s Music goes way back to when I started banjo lessons in 1974. They consistently have excellent instruments and knowledgeable advice, and I feel totally at home in their store."

John Hyde Instructor, Mount Royal College

"I encourage anyone, including my students, to shop at Myhre’s Music. It's where you find the best knowledge and service; certainly one of Alberta’s premier music stores for acoustic instruments."

Mike Lent Bassist, Producer, Recording Engineer

"I’ve trusted the maintenance and repair of my 1850 circa acoustic bass to Myhre’s Music since 1998. Their experience is evident. I send all my students to the store if they’re looking for a string bass; I know they’ll be set up with a good, playable instrument at a reasonable cost."

Dave Ward CKUA Host

"Over the past 30 years I’ve visited countless music shops and I still haven’t found one that matches Myhre’s Music for it’s relaxed atmosphere; the experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly staff; and the interesting range of both professional and student instruments."

Amelia Kaminski Violin Teacher and Performer

"Having been in the music business for years, I can really appreciate dealing with Myhre’s Music. As a music teacher and performer, I can always count on Myhre’s Music for dependable, friendly service. I send all my students there!"